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One doesn’t change the world by eating chocolate… But then again, why not? Boasting a revolutionary approach, Choba Choba cacao is here to make a difference. Learn more about these gourmet treats and sample them at The Alpina Gstaad.

Upon entering their rooms, the Alpina’s guests will be greeted with a chocolate bar and more importantly, a new philosophy. The idea behind this chocolaty treat boils down to the Quechua term “Choba Choba”: “I help you, you help me”. The brand is stirring up a true revolution to go further than mere “Fair-trade”, with support from a handful of rebellious souls from each side of the Atlantic. A unique bond exists between Switzerland and Peru: the glorious art of chocolate. Given that only three multinational corporations presently

Carlos Sandoval Caballero and Executive Chef Martin Göschel

produce 75% of the world’s chocolate, Choba Choba has decided to stir things up and fight uniformity of taste, giving the power back to the often grossly underpaid farmers. Choba Choba was founded by 36 Peruvian cacao growers and 2 experts in sustainable cocoa cultivation. It is the first chocolate brand in which the growers are also the shareholders, giving them power over company decisions and allowing them to set their own prices.


A fantastic journey

Fine chocolate in the prettiest of packages

Among Choba Choba’s growers are the company’s co-founders Doriza Caballero Mendoza and Carlos Sandoval Caballero. Last year, they travelled to Europe to meet with chocolate lovers. Their travels took them to the Slow Food Market in Zurich and Bern, via Paris and its must-visit Salon Du Chocolat fair, where Choba Choba’s “Nativo” cacao won an International Cocoa Award, classing it among the 50 best chocolates on the planet. In other words; so much more than simple Peruvian choc’. During their trip, Doriza and Carlos took the time to visit The Alpina Gstaad, where they collaborated with Chef Martin Göschel on the elaboration of a delicious – and revolutionary – desert! If you’re simply dying for a taste of rebellion, dig in to the hotel’s welcome gift: inside the sweet colourful packages branded Choba Choba, you will find different varieties of chocolate, all boasting truly unique flavours. The cocoa is cultivated using agroforestry techniques in the exceptional Alto Huyabamba Valley, classed as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Crispy strawberry and coffee cake with dark Choba Choba ice cream


Before starting, prepare a thin sponge cake 30×40 cm in size, 300 g of pastry cream, as well as a drink of espresso and Tia Maria coffee liqueur.

Now for the main components, beginning with the nougat. Carefully heat the praline together with the chocolate over a water bath and mix together until homogenous. Add the Pailetté Feuilletine to taste, by folding it into the mixture. Place the mass on the side for later.

For the coffee buttercream, allow the butter to come to room temperature and then cream. Fold the pastry cream in and add coffee extract to taste.

Lastly, for the ganache, heat the cream and espresso together in a pot and add the chocolate. Whisk to form a smooth mass.

To put the pieces together, begin with the first layer of sponge cake. This layer will eventually be soaked. Place a bed of crispy nougat mass on top, followed by another layer of sponge cake, which will also, in turn, be soaked. Build upon it a layer of coffee buttercream and top it with another level of sponge cake which will also, in turn, be soaked. Complete everything with a layer of ganache.

It is recommended to cool the pastry for at least one hour before coating the final layer of sponge cake with chocolate glaze!

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