Djordje Ozbolt – Clashing Cultures

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The Alpina Gstaad’s prestigious permanent collection features, among many other masterpieces, a number of stupefying masks and sculptures by the unclassifiable Djordje Ozbolt.

Unclassifiable indeed, for Ozbolt is an elusive artist: at a glance, it is impossible to make out a precise guiding principle or influence behind his flourishing work. Yet the eye is inescapably drawn to his art’s bright colours, strange shapes and evocative details. The masks and sculptures featured in the hotel’s collection appear to have come straight from Africa. On taking a closer look, the observer will discover a number of incongruous modern touches: the famous Mercedes-Benz symbol, car tires and more. Clashing cultures truly define this London-based Serbian artist.


A figure of “Under Realism”

Djordje Ozbolt was born in Belgrade in 1967 where he studied architecture, before moving to the English capital to join the Beaux-Arts. His many journeys to Africa and Asia (he lived in India for a year) fuelled his personal vision, producing an art form affiliated to the under realist movement. This particular movement values the figurative over the abstract. Ozbolt’s paintings and sculptures are born of an observation process in which spontaneity plays a major role. Thus, each piece tells a story, often from a comical point of view. His spirited art is a gateway to – sometimes unsettlingly – deep reflexion on the world and cultures that surround us. The artist’s work is regularly exhibited across Europe, Asia and the United States.

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