Cooking lesson

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Chef Takumi Murase invites guests to rediscover Japanese cuisine at The Alpina Gstaad’s MEGU restaurant. Here is easy lesson for making tuna tataki

Cooking lesson

Ingredients for 1 Portion:

150g Yellowfin tuna
50g Beer radish
50ml Ponzu
1 TL Starch
1 EL Kanzuri chili paste
1 EL Rice vinegar
2 EL Sweet soy sauce
1 TL Sugar
1 EL Mango puree
1 TL Yuzu juice
Daikon cress
Fresh wild pansy petals

To begin, peel the beer radish and chop into very fine strips. Leave the strips soak in a bowl of ice water for approx. 15 min., drain well.

Set aside a small portion of ponzu, and heat the rest in a pot. Mix the remaining ponzu with the starch and add it to the pot, stirring continuously until it comes to a boil and thickens. Set aside to cool.

With a Bunsen burner, sear whole piece of tuna on all edges and immerse in ice water briefly. Place tuna on a paper towel to drain excess water and set aside until it comes to room temperature.

Meanwhile, mix chili paste, sweet soy sauce, sugar and rice vinegar and lightly marinate the beer radish with it.

Mix mango puree with yuzu juice and begin plating. Cut tuna in 0.5cm thick slices and place together with chopped and marinated radish on plate. Garnish with ponzu sauce, cress, and wild pansy petals.

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